A logo of the UVU Center for the Study of Ethics

The 3Rs Project is pleased to partner with the Center for the Study of Ethics at Utah Valley University. The Center serves as the project’s higher education resource in providing scholarship, event hosting, internship opportunities, and other forms of administrative support.

The Center for the Study of Ethics (CSE) advances ethics education at Utah Valley University, within the community, and among scholars working in related fields of study. The Center supports programs that engage critical questions in navigating the public, professional, and personal dimensions of human experience. The CSE is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy center committed to the inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives.

CSE is directed by Dr. Brian Birch, professor of Philosophy at Utah Valley University. His areas of focus include the intersection of ethics, religion, and public life. 

A logo of the Quill Project

The 3Rs Project is pleased to partner with the Quill Project based at Pembroke College, University of Oxford . Quill advises the project on constitutional interpretation, supports its  historical research and sometimes co-produces classroom resources.  

Quill exists to enhance understanding of some of the foundational legal texts of the modern world by researching and modelling the context within which constitutional conventions, legislative assemblies, and other formal groups made decisions.

Quill Project is directed by Dr. Nicholas Cole, a political historian specializing in post-Independence America, and operates across the fields of humanities, computer science, and the social sciences.

A logo of Religion and Public Life

The 3Rs Project is pleased to partner with, which provides premiere access to its robust community of scholars of religion and individuals engaged in promoting the public understanding of religion. is directed by Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Walker, a First Amendment and human rights educator, president of 1791 Delegates, and managing director of The Foundation for Religious Literacy.


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