Style Guide

Style Guide 1.0 • Updated August 6, 2020

Royal Blue Dark: #02154B

Cadet Blue: #B2B3C9

Rose Taupe: #8f5F65

Official Name: Utah 3Rs Project

Short Name: In short, it’s okay to use “Utah 3Rs” but whenever possible use the official name.

Tagline: Rights. Responsibility. Respect.

Name & Tagline Don’ts:

  • Capitalize the R, please do not write in lowercase like “3rs” 
  • Please do not use an apostrophe like “3R’s”
  • Please do not use all caps like this: “U3RS”
  • In the middle of a sentence it’s okay to reference “the Utah 3Rs Project” but please don’t capitalize “the” unless it’s the start of a sentence.
  • Please use a period after each of the three words in the tagline. Please no commas in the tagline like, “Rights, responsibility, respect”
  • Please use the word Responsibility, not “Responsibilities”

Headline 1

Centered Page Titles

H1. EB Garamond Regular 50px, weight 300, Royal Blue Dark #02154B

Headline 2

Primary Section Header in Pages

H2. EB Garamond Regular 36px, weight 500, Royal Blue Dark #02154B

Headline 3

Sub-Section Heading

H3. EB Garamond Bold 30px, weight 300, Rose Taupe #8F5F65

Headline 4

Sub-Sub-Section Heading

H4. EB Garamond, italics, 24px, weight 300, Rose Taupe #8F5F65

Headline 5

Accent headline boxes.

H5. EB Garamond, Bold 24px, weight 300, White #000000. Background Cadet Blue #B2B3C9.

Headline 6
Captions, footers

H6. EB Garamond 17px, Onyx Grey #444444


Paragraph, justified left, with text in bold, or text in italics, with hyperlinks in Royal Blue Dark (#02154B) with hover color Rose Taupe (#8F5F65)

Body. EB Garamond 21px, Onyx Grey #444444


Size 3, Rose Taupe #8F5F65

Sample Form


Learn more about how to promote the 3Rs — rights, responsibility, respect — in your school and community.