America's Problem

We have a problem in the United States. American society is more polarized and divided than ever. In this culture, youth are learning to value only those with whom they agree and see everyone else as the enemy.

Watch the video below to learn more about the work of the Utah 3Rs Project, including a program we will do in 2021 to address this problem, if we receive the support.

Our Solution

In 2021, the Utah 3Rs Project will  develop a training for Utah teachers, specifically emphasizing civil dialogue. We’ll focus on the ways religion influences politics and how Americans, when they vote, are acting on their consciences, which are often motivated by religious convictions. This training will equip teachers to facilitate classroom conversations with students who will still be feeling the differences intensified by the presidential election.

With your donation, we can help students rise as leaders who apply the constitutional values of Rights, Responsibility, and Respect.

We have a system of self-government, which means we are only ever one generation away from our country failing. Together we can keep our republic.

We invite you to join us in solving this critical problem by donating to the Utah 3Rs Project today. 


Learn more about how to promote the 3Rs — rights, responsibility, respect — in your school and community.