Utah Case Studies in Civil Dialogue

Case Study 4: The Atheist and the Muslim

KSAM Method: Motivation Introduction

Our focus in these case studies is to learn about different examples of civil dialogue happening in Utah. Each case study will highlight one component of the KSAM Method: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Motivation. This case study will highlight Motivation.

In this video, Dr. Randall Paul, the president of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy introduces how to engage in a Heart and Mind Conversation.  Watch the video to learn about motivation in good dialogue. This includes:

  1. Asking why someone is coming to the conversation
  2. Exploring our similarities and clarifying our differences 
  3. Investigating if another person is trustworthy 
In the video, you will also learn the reasons we come to Heart and Mind Conversations:
  1. We fear losing our security
  2. We want to collaborate on good things to make the world better 


Learn more about how to promote the 3Rs — rights, responsibility, respect — in your school and community.