Framers' Design for the Electoral College and Today

Time for Reform?

Lesson I. Constitutional Convention and Electoral College

Step 6. Your Proposal

Student Exercise

Imagine you are a delegate in the 1787 Constitutional Convention debating how to elect the President. On your own paper, make your proposal to the delegates for the best method in electing the President. Remember the following:

  • The federal government is not capable of conducting a national election.
  • Without the compromise between the large states and small states to create a bicameral legislature–where each state has two Senators and Representatives in the House of Representatives are based on population–there would be no Federal Union.
  • When determining the population of a state, enslaved persons are counted as 3/5.
  • If the Congress elects the President, the President will likely become beholden to the  wishes of Congress.
Lesson I. Step 6 out of 7


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