The Framers’ Debates on Religion

The First Amendment and the Utah Constitution

Lesson II. Amending the U.S. Constitution with a Bill of Rights

Step 1. Prepare for Discussion

Download Discussion Questions

Download and save these discussion questions. They will guide your preparation for your class discussion after you finish lessons I, II and III. Bring your completed questions to the discussion. Your teacher may require you submit your answers to the questions at the end of the lesson.

Student Exercise

Congratulations on completing the first lesson. The videos and interactives in Lesson II will help you prepare for your assignments and class discussion. Before you begin, take a look at the questions below. Bring your answers to the class discussion.

Discussion Questions for Lessons I and II

  1. What was your proposed religion amendment to the First Federal Congress at the beginning of Bill of Rights debates? Explain your reasons for your proposal. (Lesson II, Step 3) 
  2. How does your proposed amendment respond to questions about the government’s relationship with religion at the time?
  3. What do you think are the most significant changes to the proposed amendment about religion during the debates? (Lesson II, Step 8)

Discussion Questions for Lesson III

  1. Did any of the parts about religion in the Utah state constitution surprise you? If so, why? (Lesson III, Step 3)
  2. What are some ways you might apply the 3Rs Framework to how you interact with others in your community? (Lesson III, Step 5)
  3. How can a decision-maker’s mindset about history inform how you engage in your community today? (Lesson III, Step 5)
    1. How did the decisions of the congressmen in the First Federal Congress influence the protection of the rights of conscience today?
    2. How did the decisions of the delegates to the Utah constitutional convention influence protections of the rights of conscience today?   
    3. How could it have turned out differently? 
Lesson II. Step 1 out of 7


Learn more about how to promote the 3Rs — rights, responsibility, respect — in your school and community.