The Framers’ Debates on Religion

The First Amendment and the Utah Constitution

Lesson II. Amending the U.S. Constitution with a Bill of Rights

Step 3. Your Proposal

Make Your Proposal for an Amendment About Religion

If you had a chance to be in the First Federal Congress, what amendment about religion would you propose? In 1-3 sentences, propose an amendment concerning religion for deliberation by the First Federal Congress (1789).


Consider the English history of forced religion and the questions about a federal amendment concerning religion below.

  • Should Congress be banned from making any laws concerning religion?
  • If Congress can make laws concerning religion, should all states in the Union be covered by the same law?
  • Should Congress be able to require codes of religious behavior to ensure virtuous citizens?


Once you write your proposed amendment, write a paragraph explaining your reasoning. Bring your proposed amendment and your reasoning to the class discussion after you complete this module.

Lesson II. Step 3 of 7


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