Civil Dialogue and Citizenship

Navigating Our Deepest Differences

Lesson I. A More Perfect Union and Political Differences

Step 3. Rank Yourself

Look again at Jonathan Haidt’s categories for his Moral Foundations Theory. 

Reducing suffering, being kind to others

Rejecting bullies and tyrants

The moral sense that cheaters should be punished and hard work should be rewarded.

Rewarding team players and rejecting those who do not honor the group

Emphasizing institutions and rejecting those who try to undercut them

Enforcing purity, protecting the group from outsiders and threats

Reflect About Yourself

  1. On your own paper, rank the values above according to importance to you. The most important should be at the top of the list and the least important should be at the bottom. Then write at least one sentence per category explaining why you ranked it as you did.
  2. According to Haidt’s categories of Moral Foundations Theory, do you lean Liberal or Conservative? Why?
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