Civil Dialogue and Citizenship

Navigating Our Deepest Differences

In Lesson I, you’ll learn that the process of making “A More Perfect Union” is ongoing. You will learn about moral philosopher Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundation Theory explaining the differences between Liberals and Conservatives and apply the theory to your own political views. You’ll reflect on how values are deeply emotional, driving how people live their lives and see their world.  You’ll  learn about Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Scalia who cultivated a friendship together in spite of their vast political differences. Then you’ll reflect on your own friendships across differences.

In Lesson II, you’ll learn about the meaning of civil dialogue and its difference from debate. With a partner, you will participate in an empathy exercise and then a civil dialogue exercise in which you will find a topic with which you disagree with your partner.


Learn more about how to promote the 3Rs — rights, responsibility, respect — in your school and community.